Social Engineering prevention is everyone’s job. Create a security aware culture.

No matter how strong your network security, the human element in your organisation remains vulnerable to hackers. Skilled hackers can easily bypass technical protections, such as passwords, and get the information they want just by talking to a person. This makes your employees easily the weakest link in your security’s defences.

Social engineering works by taking advantage of human behaviour to pull off a scam. Social engineering has proven to be a very successful way for a criminal enter your organisation, either by digital or physical means.

Awareness is the number one defensive measure, and Loop Secure can increase recognition among your staff by conducting a social engineering campaign. This involves a series of tests, often via phone calls and emails, to test your employee’s awareness and enforcement of company policy and process.

Loop Secure will attempt actions, such as calling the helpdesk, and pretending to be an employee asking for a password change, or calling an employee and asking for sensitive information, such as their username or password.

Following the Social Engineering campaign, Loop Secure will provide you with the results, summarising your vulnerabilities, assess their risk, and assist with remediation.