Test your organisation’s defence and response capabilities. Manage the risks.

From phishing scams to ransomware, cyber-attacks are an ongoing challenge, as hackers use a variety of sophisticated techniques to harass people, defraud corporations and steal information. But something else is growing too: the number of Red Teams being built.

With Red Teaming, your organisation stays on the offensive, by identifying vulnerabilities across your technology, people and physical premises. The result is a reduction in risk of an attack, should it occur.

The idea behind red teaming is to put your organisation on the front foot, keeping business processes and your technology operating smoothly by securing your security defenses.

Loop Secure’s Red Teaming solution involves our highly trained experts simulating attack scenarios to reveal potential software, hardware, physical, and human vulnerabilities.

To achieve this, Loop Secure employs a number of penetration testing, social engineering and physical attack techniques that may be leveraged to gain digital or physical access to your organisation. Through these techniques, Loop Secure demonstrates their risk to your organisation, and can assist with remediation.