Maximise your cyber capabilities with the power of Purple Teaming.

In recent years, the cyber security industry has seen a growing popularity in Purple Teaming, a technique that improves the vulnerability detection, threat hunting and network monitoring by simulating common threat scenarios.

Purple Teaming is a combination of red teaming and blue teaming.

A red team is a group of offensive security professionals who use a range of tactics to help organisations identify and address vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure, systems, applications and staff.

By contrast, the blue team are expected to be the defenders. It involves a group of analysts and engineers responsible for defending organisations from cyber-attacks by the red team through a combination of threat prevention, deception, detection and response.

To strengthen your Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC), Loop Secure offers Purple Teaming, which helps to gain significant insights into an attacker’s mindset. This strategy also identifies areas of weakness within the protection, detection and response-related security controls of your organisation.

This allows the CSOC to identify new correlation and alarming rules for detecting threats, in addition to response procedures or tools to contain and eradicate threats. It also gives insight into areas lacking control.