Proactively protect your computer systems, networks and individuals from attacks.

Hackers are always looking at ways to find vulnerabilities in your security, often finding holes in your IT systems through methods generally overlooked by penetration testing alone.

To better protect against attackers, your organisation can get on the front foot and take an attacker’s view of your organisation by simulating a number of varying threats.

Loop Secure’s expert consultants can conduct highly sophisticated testing and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, personnel and facilities to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems that may have the potential to cause significant security breaches.

Offensive security testing offers some of the most comprehensive and rigorous security testing of your IT environment and organisation as a whole. Designed to mimic the approaches used by real-world malicious actors, Loop employs a range of tactics across a number of elements, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, email phishing, social engineering and physical intrusion testing through to full scale red-teaming engagements.