By conducting highly sophisticated testing and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, personnel and facilities, our experienced consultants use their wide-ranging domain knowledge to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems that may have the potential to cause significant security breaches.

Offensive security testing offers some of the most comprehensive and rigorous security testing of your IT environment and organisation as a whole. Designed to mimic the approaches used by real-world malicious actors, we employ a range of tactics which include elements of what is listed below:


A vulnerability assessment identifies, quantifies and prioritises any vulnerabilities within your network, systems and applications. Following this assessment, Loop’s consultants detail these identified vulnerabilities in straightforward language and provide expert recommendations to mitigate or remediate them.


Penetration testing evaluates the security of your computer system, application or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source. With explicit goals in mind, Loop aims to identify any IT security flaws, determine the feasibility of an attack and assess the impact of a successful attack on your business. Once testing is complete, we present an assessment of potential security threats and a proposal for mitigation.


Web and mobile applications usually operate in the public domain, making them susceptible to malicious attacks. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that all your applications meet industry best practice standards. Loop conducts penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications. We leverage our years of experience in application testing, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of applications to identify common and hard to find vulnerabilities and provide you with recommendations that assist with the mitigation and remediation of existing and emerging threats.


Ransomware from phishing attacks is one of the most common forms of compromise in the world today. Loop’s carefully crafted email phishing campaigns simulate a range of real-world phishing campaigns to provide your organisation insight of the risk that your employees pose to your IT systems. At the end of each campaign round, Loop provides detailed statistics and analysis of the likelihood and impact of a compromise, as well as recommendations on how to improve your overall security posture.


The use of wireless business networks continues to grow, however security concerns still prevent wider adoption of this technology. We can perform an onsite assessment of your wireless infrastructure to test its strength, coverage and suitability.


Loop consultants perform a comprehensive analysis of your application source code, including assessing the code’s vulnerabilities across multiple programming languages and frameworks. This review details actionable inputs specific to your application as opposed to generic feedback provided by automated inspections.


Social Engineering is a specific type of security testing that focuses on the vulnerabilities of the people working within your organisation. Using a variety of methods such as phone calls, emails, identification forging, surveillance and even sorting through rubbish bins, our highly trained consultants attempt to infiltrate your organisation to expose any human-related security flaws.


Locks, alarms, CCTV and access control systems – our experienced consultants comprehensively test all your physical security points to identify and rectify any weaknesses within your physical assets. Coupled with techniques used in Social Engineering attacks, such as duplicating access cards, forging identification and compromising communications systems, we provide extensive testing to simulate and demonstrate how real-world malicious actors can penetrate your facilities and compromise sensitive information.