Let Loop Secure take the hassle out of managing your security.

Understanding and managing your cyber risks requires a solid team of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) professionals.

A mature and effective GRC programme is essential for not only the secure management of both technology systems and data but also the ongoing management of legislative, regulatory and contractual compliance obligations.

Unfortunately, the implementation of such a program can be challenging for any organisation, no matter its size.

Provisioning the appropriate resources with adequate experience and breadth of skills is difficult to achieve in a cost-effective manner. Organisations often find it difficult to rationalise the hiring of an experienced senior resource, along with a mix of security specialists that are required to operate a mature information security program.

Loop Secure’s Virtual Security Office (VSO) Service has been designed to provide your organisation with a strategic, risk-based approach to cyber security management. Leveraging best practice security standards, Loop Secure can support you in managing the identification, assessment, remediation and ongoing treatment of cyber security risks that could impact information asset confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

As a result, your organisation can achieve its desired Security Operations capabilities without the need to hire and retain hard-to-find security experts.