Keep your leadership informed.Choose the right metrics.

Before spending money on yet another security tool, step back and think about how well your current controls are performing.

Cyber professionals rely on a range of reports and metrics to represent the success of a cyber security program. But for those individuals less knowledgeable outside your team, one question that tends to be used is: have we been hacked?

Security professionals know it’s more complicated than that. Access to a clear set of metrics for measuring the success of your security controls has always been a difficult thing to define. Therefore, the success of your security program requires you to have the right measurements in place.

At Loop Secure, we help you to develop the right measurements and metrics for your security program, then assess how well it’s performing against those measures.

Our experienced team of specialists have developed a standard set of measurements and metrics that can be used across a wide range of organisations to improve their overall level of security and reduce cyber security costs.

These measurements and metrics are provided for the top security controls, and enable you to understand the success of your existing security investments, and what your organisation may need to further reduce your risk of a cyber-attack.