Educate your staff. Build strong security habits. Bolster security.

One of the greatest risks to an organisation’s information security is often not a weakness in technology, but rather it is the action, or inaction, by employees that can lead to security incidents.

Habits drive security culture, and there are no technologies that will ever make up for poor security culture.

An effective Security Awareness program is critical to your organisation’s success. If implemented effectively, it becomes the cornerstone of your organisation’s security strategy by assisting with the education, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of human controls.

Loop Secure can help by building your Security Awareness Strategy and educating your staff to ensure that your people are fully briefed on your IT security strategies, frameworks and policies. We’re certified to deliver programs to the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27002, and have helped leading businesses better understand their IT security challenges and compliance.

And most importantly, we present different ways to test the effectiveness of your Security Awareness strategy.

While most security professionals believe that strong security behavior is common sense, the reality is that education and sharing knowledge is the foundation that enables your staff to exercise good judgement.