The best offense is good defense. See how you fair against real-time attacks before they happen.

Critical Infrastructure Bill Offensive Security Services Comparison Guide

No matter the size of your organisation, you can be targeted by cyber-attacks.

A Red Team will get you on the offensive, by thinking like a real attacker and testing your organisation’s defences, aiming to breach them by any means possible. These attack simulations are designed to assess and significantly improve the effectiveness of your organisation’s complete attack surface, from your digital and physical assets, through to your employees.

The aim is to discover any weaknesses in your organisation’s security armour, and to test your detection and response capabilities.

Loop Secure’s Red Teaming as a Service is designed to deliver an ongoing, year round approach to testing for your cyber weaknesses. This methodology takes you beyond the one off, project based approach of standard red teaming to give your organisation a real world approach to mimicking a focused adversary trying to compromise your information assets.

Loop Secure then report back on your vulnerabilities and associated risks, then assist with remediation recommendations.

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