Boost awareness and strengthen your resistance to Phishing.

Despite the measures your organisation takes to tighten your security, there is an element that remains an unpredictable variable: the human. Hackers attempt to exploit people through phishing, which is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as credit card details or passwords, from your staff.

Loop Secure’s simulated phishing campaigns have been designed to identify and reduce the potential risks that arise from people within your organisation.

Our Phishing as a Service solution provides your organisation with continuous, year round simulated phishing campaigns to regularly spot response behaviours from your staff when fake emails are delivered. Loop Secure then delivers you the results, which outlines the risks, along with recommendations to reduce that risk.

Ultimately, this solution is designed to educate your employees on how to recognise phishing emails and how to react appropriately. This lowers your potential for future downtime and security breaches against your organisation.

When combined with Loop’s Security Awareness Training, organisations can gain a complete approach to improve awareness amongst their greatest security control: staff.