Cyber-attacks can happen anytime. Be ready to respond.

Your organisation depends on technology and data to operate. As the amount of data increases, so too does the number of connected devices, technology systems and applications. With all of these changes in the modern workplace, the landscape for cyber vulnerabilities increases.

While you make every effort to secure your organisation, employees continue to use applications and devices that are not approved, putting your data and reputation at risk.

Loop Secure’s Managed Detection and Response solution provides you with a comprehensive service designed to improve your cyber threat detection, response to incidents, and monitoring of IT assets continuously.

Our experienced team provides your organisation with the highest levels of protection of your ICT environment and your critical information assets. The Loop Security System, combined with our custom use cases, playbooks, alarms and orchestration, allows our SOC to rapidly investigate security events and proactively hunt threats across the data being collected from the client environment. Once a threat has been investigated, validated and contained, it’s quickly eradicated.

With the combination of our experienced team, and cutting edge security tools, we’ll stop threats in their tracks, so you’ll be free to run your business in a secure ICT environment.

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