Improve readiness, reduce response time, and minimise the impact of a security breach.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to cyber security. Attacks can still occur, despite your best efforts to secure your IT systems. Being fully prepared can be your best defence.

Now more than ever, incident response has become just as important as protection and detection. An effective response can make all the difference to the outcome of a serious cyber security incident. Having a plan in place can limit damage, improve your recovery time and help safeguard your organisation.

Loop Secure takes the hassle out of incident response by providing your organisation with a ‘playbook’ for dealing with a range of security breaches, such as phishing, denial of service and malware infection.

We also provide key stakeholders in your organisation with the appropriate training in the event of an incident, and ensure your team’s current technical capabilities are aligned against the objectives, tasks and responsibilities in your Tactical Cyber Security Response Plan.

In the event a cyber breach needs in depth forensic investigation, we also offer a retainer service for rapid access to world’s best digital forensic investigators and incident response team.