Don’t wait until a threat strikes. Keep up to date with your security.

Hackers, along with malicious programs or viruses, find vulnerabilities in software that they exploit to access sensitive data and IT systems. Keeping up to date with your security and maintaining your defences becomes critical to limit the amount of time hackers have to find and exploit those vulnerabilities, and defend against cyber-attacks.

Loop Secure reduces your risk by offering a managed licensing and support service to ensure that your IT security infrastructure and software products are always covered with the latest security updates.

Our specialist licensing and maintenance team provides efficient and cost effective managed renewal services via our world-class IT asset management system, the Loop Secure Asset Portal (LSAP).

In addition to helping you reduce administrative overheads, the LSAP provides you with a central depository for all your licensing and maintenance information, and is organised to ensure that your renewals and maintenance requirements are always kept up-to-date

Our managed licensing and support services take care of your technology renewals and maintenance agreements so you can get back to taking care of business.

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