Know you're well covered against threats with the right security controls.

Security professionals spend a large portion of their time designing, implementing, and managing security controls, as a defence against the cyber risks they face.

These controls might include trying to reduce the likelihood of a cyber-attack, or minimising the impact of a risk if one occurs.

Yet selecting and implementing the appropriate security controls is challenging. Organisations can waste budget on solutions that may not solve the problems they face. Also, the impact in reduction of a security risk to the organisation may not be greater than the operational risk being introduced.

Our consulting services including cyber risk assessments, allow you to prioritise your cyber security strategy and spending towards the areas that will address your most critical business risks.

Once the right controls are selected, Loop can assist with bringing in one of our world-leading vendor partners spanning the entire scope of IT security. This means we provide appropriate solutions for your organisation in the best interests of your present and future cyber security requirements.

Added to that, you know you’re getting the best security defence available. Our experienced engineers continually review the information security market, evaluating new products to ensure that our solution portfolio is comprehensive and up-to-date for our clients.