In the event that a security incident occurs, establishing an effective strategy for identifying and responding can dramatically reduce the potential impact on your organisation. 

With years of experience in implementing incident response procedures, we can assist in developing customised security incident handling policies and frameworks for your business, including how to assess an incident and how to respond in a timely manner.


Host and network forensics is a critical step in incident response. If your organisation has experienced a security incident, our expert consultants can help you determine when your network was breached, how it was breached and who was responsible. We can also assist you in gathering evidence for legal or internal proceedings.


Malware, otherwise known as malicious software, can cause serious disruption to your computer networks and even extract sensitive information from your business. If Malware has affected your systems, our specialist malware analysis team can help identify the level of infiltration, determine the impact on your business and remediate the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible.