Defending your organisation from attacks is a challenge.Our assessment services can make it easier.

Conducting technical assessments helps organsiations identify, analyse and evaluate risk, which ensures that the cyber security controls chosen are appropriate to the risks the organisation faces. 

Without this assessment to inform your cyber security choices, you could waste time, effort and resources by implementing measures to defend against events that are unlikely to occur, or may have a little impact.

Loop Secure ensures your organisation’s resources are directed the right way.

By conducting highly sophisticated testing and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, our expert consultants can identify the smallest weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems that may have the potential to cause significant security breaches.

Our technical assessments cover a range of areas, including:

  • Security Architecture Creation and Review

  • IT Security Risk

  • Vulnerability

  • Penetration Testing

  • Wireless Security Testing

  • Application Code Review

  • Web Application Security Review

  • Social Engineering

  • Firewall Rule-Base Review

  • Physical Security Testing

  • Denial of Service

  • Offensive Security Testing

Through our technical assessments, Loop Secure can help your organisation reduce risk, minimise breach impact, and protect against future attacks.