Develop a plan to protect your company against a security breach.

As organisations becomes ever more reliant on technology, addressing disastrous risks, such as losing all data, production systems or intellectual property, must be on every executive’s agenda.

One of the most effective ways to reduce this risk is to address areas of vulnerability within your organisation. Knowing where to start - and what risks to prioritise - is best achieved through a cyber security strategy.

Loop Secure’s security experts can help your organisation develop a cyber security strategy that’s aligned with your business strategy, core business processes and current security posture.

Following a documentation review covering your strategic objectives, risk appetite, currently identified risks and control gaps, Loop Secure develops your cyber security strategy and priorities for the next 12-18 months. Additionally, we help to justify all priorities, deliverables and expected outcomes.

The strategy is designed to allow you to monitor and measure the effectiveness throughout its lifecycle, ensuring your C-level and Board are informed about your ongoing cyber security maturity improvement.