Deliver the right level of security for your businessthrough leveraging Risk Management.

One of the key challenges in protecting an organisation from cyber threats is understanding how much security is sufficient to protect against a breach. Every organisation requires a different level of security, subject to its dependency on technology, the impact of threats to this technology, and the business appetite for risk.

By developing and implementing a Cyber Risk Management program, Loop Secure ensures your organisation is delivering the right level of security.

Our security experts help your organisation by:

  • identifying and managing your security risks.

  • implementing processes that can be leveraged by clients to perform effective and repeatable cyber risk assessments across your organisation.

  • performing detailed analysis of threats and risks to your organisation.

  • setting up a register to track your cyber security risks, their potential impact to your organisation, accepted risk treatment options and associated risk treatment plans.

need a cyber risk management program? OR review your current risk management policy.