Protect your cloud data and deliver business continuity.

The advantages of cloud-based IT is undeniable: reduced capital expenditure, greater flexibility and scalability, and guaranteed uptime, are just some of the reasons businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

And as this trend continues, hackers have yet another resource to target, presenting new and unique challenges around security.

There is a common misconception that the responsibility to protect data lies with the service provider. In fact, it sits with the cloud customer, and their security budgets for cloud platforms is growing as a result.

Whether you are using common cloud platforms like Office 365, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, or one of the many SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Loop can assist with risk assessments and security reviews to ensure your move to the cloud is completed safely.

Loop Secure can help you take charge of your cloud security requirements. We provide you with a detailed security review report to help your organisation understand gaps in your cloud security, assess and prioritise your risk, and assist with remediation.