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Application Security Audit Service | LOOP SECURE 

run a security audit on Zoom, o365 and any remote work software...

With the rise of global pandemics, IT teams around Australia are scrambling to roll-out business continuity plans while expanding their remote workforce.

A high dependency is now on the application environment to deliver business continuity. However, business applications remain the top target for cyber criminals.

Security audits can help to ensure that software in development and in production is free of the vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach and the financial losses, data theft and damage to reputation that often follows.

Engage with Loop Secure to run a comprehensive security audit on key applications. Our process includes;

  • Definition of application scope and network surface across the enterprise;
  • Risk typology and identification of risk levels and vulnerabilities;
  • Penetration test and adversary simulations;
  • Results and remediation reporting including corrective actions to be taken.