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A BUYERS GUIDE TO managed detection & response

    GET AHEAD WITH PROACTIVE Managed Detection & Response...

    The rise of ‘digital transformation’ and rapid adoption of new tools and technology has dramatically increased the attack surface for organisations as well as the complexity to defending these environments.

    Insufficient security detection and response allows attackers
 to hide their location, malicious software, and activities on company systems.

    Even when you know your systems have been compromised, without an experienced team and the right tools you are blind to the details of the attack and to subsequent actions taken by the attackers.

    Without solid detection and response capabilities, an attack may go unnoticed indefinitely and the particular damages done may be irreversible.

    Read this guide to learn:

    • The Origins of Managed Detection & Response;

    • What is Managed Detection & Response;

    • Is Managed Detection & Response right for you; and

    • 5 Key Features of a successfulManaged Detection & Response Service.