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emergency Incident response. act now. prevent more losses.

Do you need immediate assistance for a possible incident or security breach?
You’ve visited the right resource.

If your organisation is experiencing a breach, or suspects an incident may be occurring, complete the form to immediately notify our Incident Response Team, or call us directly:

1800 634 134

Any emergency or any incident. Here to help, here to respond, we’re here to be the solution.

Our Incident Response and Digital Forensic teams are here to work collaboratively with your organisation to respond to a cyber security incident of any scale. 

Certified Security Incident Responders and an experienced Forensic Team will be able to execute and deliver a sound cyber breach response plan. Our experts will support you through the incident response lifecycle, working to protect and recover your critical business assets.

If you currently have an Incident Response Retainer with Loop Secure - please follow the document provided by our Service Delivery Team to escalate your incident effectively.




How Can We Assist You In Your Emergency?


What is an emergency incident response plan?

An emergency incident response plan is your organisation’s playbook for when there is a security incident. This plan (also known as a security breach response plan or a data breach response plan) will help you prepare for and respond to a major security incident.

A security breach response plan will typically involve these steps:

  • Confirm where the attack originated and gain a better understanding of what is happening
  • Investigate the extent of the breach - which customers or clients may be vulnerable and what data has been exposed
  • Remediate any damage that has occurred to the organisation, and preserve any remaining data integrity
  • Recover control of any accounts or services
  • Implement mitigations to lower the likelihood of future data breaches.
What is a data breach and why do I need a data breach response plan?

A data breach happens when confidential information is accessed, lost, or otherwise disclosed without authorisation. Data breaches often occur as the result of a cyber security incident as threat actors target your confidential information. Data breaches put your employees, clients, finances, and organisation at risk, and you can best prepare by having a security breach response plan in place.

In those first moments of discovering a security breach, it is easy to become overwhelmed about what to do next. A security breach response plan will remove any hesitation or confusion about what to do next. It will provide you and your organisation with a clear path of steps to take - and who needs to take them. 

It is crucial to remember that an effective security breach response plan will not only help you protect data. It will minimise financial losses for your business, as well as the disruption to day-to-day operations. With a sound cyber breach response plan, you’ll be able to operate your business as close to normal as possible. 

A detailed, reliable, and tested security incident response plan is essential for any organisation operating in the current environment. An effective emergency incident response plan can mean the difference between wide-ranging damage to your organisation and a minor, manageable incident.

How can you better prepare your organisation for data breaches?

Be proactive. The best way to protect your organisation from serious data breaches is by implementing a robust cyber security management process that regularly monitors for vulnerabilities and threats to your IT systems. 

Loop Secure’s Vulnerability Management Service will protect your organisation by quickly identifying weaknesses in your IT systems. Regular vulnerability scanning and remediation means reducing the risk of succumbing to a cyber security attack. These regular checks also help you comply with regulatory and IT standards in your geography.

Choose Loop Secure to remediate any emergency incidents

Our Incident Response and Digital Forensic teams have the expertise and background from decades of working in the industry. They are seasoned professionals who can create and execute a solid data breach response plan. 

For more information, call Loop Secure today:

1800 634 134