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emergency Incident response. act now. prevent more losses.

Do you need immediate assistance for a possible incident or security breach?
You’ve visited the right resource.

If your organisation is experiencing a breach, or suspects an incident may be occurring, complete the form to immediately notify our Incident Response Team, or call us directly:

1800 634 134

Any emergency or any incident. Here to help, here to respond, we’re here to be the solution.

Our Incident Response and Digital Forensic Team are here to act collaboratively and strategically to help organisations across Australia respond to any scale of cyber security incident.

Providing you with certified Security Incident Responders and an experienced Forensic Team, who understand the threat landscape of the nation and will support you to protect and recover your critical business data.

If you currently have an Incident Response Retainer with Loop Secure - please follow the document provided by our Service Delivery Team to escalate your incident effectively.



How Can We Assist You In Your Emergency?