Stay one-step ahead and eliminateyour vulnerabilities before an attack occurs.

Understanding cyber threats and cyber-attacks is only part of the information needed to protect your organisation. You must also know how cyber-attacks can happen.

The longer a vulnerability is exposed, the greater your risk. By taking a proactive approach to testing your defences, you’ll discover - and fix - your organisation’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses before a security breach can occur.

Loop Secure’s highly sophisticated testing and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, personnel and facilities will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems that may have the potential to cause significant security breaches.

Our specially trained experts mimic the approaches used by real-world malicious actors, giving your organisation visibility into its security posture. We also provide recommendations on closing the weaknesses.

Our range of solutions put your organisation on the offensive. Our team of security specialists work with you to build a resilient security environment, no matter what your industry.

Get on the front foot and test your defences.