Protect your organisation with the right security solutions.

Rapidly detecting and responding to threats is today’s top security challenge.

The risk for your business is critical. Unauthorised system access, electronic data loss or theft, corrupted business data and lost productivity are some of the ways your business can be impacted. Not to mention, brand and reputational risk among your customers.

There is a key gap in the length of time it is taking organisations to detect and respond to threats. In fact, Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations report determined 68% of breaches taking months or longer to discover.

This could allow an otherwise minor malicious attack to eventually escalate into a major breach with public relations and regulatory implications.

More security products are not the answer to this challenge. Organisations need to have the right team of specialist SOC Analysts trained in incident detection, containment and eradication.

Loop Secure are experts in bringing together the right people, processes and technology to detect and respond to security incidents.

Take action to detect and respond to threats.

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