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Black Hat USA Conference 2020 | Loop Secure

Loop Secure, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions across Australia, have been chosen from an incredibly competitive group of global cybersecurity trainers to deliver highly specialised cyber security programs at Black Hat USA 2020.

Drawing on their expert team of cybersecurity consultants and penetration testers, Loop Secure was able to make a bid with the Black Hat team across a competitive landscape of cybersecurity consultancies globally vying for the position of Adverserial Simulation Training hosts.

“Given the size of the Australian cybersecurity market in comparison to the United States and Europe, we have been able to show that our skill level in this specialist form of cybersecurity defence is ahead of the rest of the world.” said Patrick Butler, Chief Executive Officer, Loop Secure.

Adversarial Simulation is a new stream of innovative cybersecurity testing that views cyber defence from the perspective of the adversary. It involves simulation of real-life attack scenarios across digital, physical and social tradecraft in an authorised environment.

The four-day hands on course run by Loop Secure at Black Hat 2020 will push cybersecurity consultants from all over the world beyond the typical classroom training scenarios. They will be participating in real world physical entry, executive surveillance and working against a live Security Operations Centre that will be actively defending the fictional organisation.

Two of Loop Secure’s Offensive Security consultants will be leading the training, who are Topaz Aral and Wayne Ronaldson. Drawing on knowledge gained over 2 decades of network security, physical security and red-teaming, both men are considered world-leaders in their field.

“We’ll be sharing our knowledge with other cybersecurity specialists over the world and testing their ability to think laterally and creatively. The outcome is that these people will then be able to understand the mindset of an adversary and build protective cybersecurity measures that combat them.” Butler comments.

With a team of over 50 cybersecurity specialists across Australia, the Loop Secure team has seen major advances in cybersecurity technology in over 30 years of operation and often incorporate the latest and most innovative technology in their cybersecurity managed services, offensive services and across governance, risk and compliance.

 “As an organisation, we know that understanding and implementing an efficient cybersecurity program is not just about the technology. Our business focuses on harnessing the mind power of our team, enabling them with the best tools and learning environment to explore and then sharing that knowledge with the wider cybersecurity community including at Black Hat 2020.” concludes Butler.