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Are New Technologies Making Passwords Obsolete?



This article provided by Forbes is a fantastic insight into how new technological developments are changing how consumers view passwords. It is interesting to see the reasoning behind why people are becoming less comfortable with sharing their personal data with companies.

For example, a poll with “24,000 consumers in 24 countries reveals that 60 percent of consumers say passwords are cumbersome”.  Although an interesting figure brought up within this article is that “more than three-fourths (77 percent) are interested in using alternatives to protect their internet security”.

In my opinion, I do not believe passwords will be phased out completely as most people have passwords for their social media accounts, bank accounts, fantasy football, etc the list goes on. But there will always be an issue with human error, i.e. too many passwords to remember, people write down all their passwords and then lose them or worse are stolen. ALTHOUGH I believe the use of any form of authenticator verifiers, such as tokens, are the way forward in combating human error.