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Anonymous targets ISIS supporters with simple but effective tool



Something a little different today...

Following the attacks in Paris on November 13 2015, Anonymous has declared war on ISIS - targeting supporters and sympathizers of these recent attacks. This aggressive operation is centralized under the account https://twitter.com/opparisofficial and information about the operation is available at irc.anonops.com:6697.
They have essentially released an automated takedown bot for terrorist sympathisers by using Twitter's reporting mechanism.

While I had half expected to spin this up in lab and have it start encrypting my virtual drive, I was surprised to find a fully functional script which automates the reporting process for Twitter, which when done on a large scale, effectively forcing the account to be suspended pending twitter review.

It is even quite user friendly. Let’s visit the lab:

Twitter Report

I don't use Twitter, so I created a twitter handle to play with this. Meet @JihadiAdam


Back to the application , I did watch it with application visualization but did not observe any malicious activity so continuing on…

Jihadi Jihadi Adam


Twitter Report

So basically the tool cycles through the reporting process for users identified as being ISIS sympathisers. I can’t fault its accuracy either.


ISIS sympathisers


All in all, it was pretty inspiring to see talent being put to such a good use. These sort of people thrive on publicity and sharing their idiotic ideas.